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Sweet Cheeks Merino

I promise you ... These merino swaddle wraps are wonderful.  

Merino has unique temperature regulating properties which help your baby stay just the right temperature.  This means they won't overheat or wake up cold during the night - leaving them perfectly snuggled all year round.

Swaddling has the ability to soothe and calm babies; These merino baby wraps will help in making your baby feel safe and secure, which assists them in sleeping deeper and longer.

Being naturally fire resistant also means that these blankets are an extra safe choice for your baby in the bassinet or cot.

  • Nice and stretchy, making it easy to get a good firm wrap on your baby, while still allowing good circulation
  • Merino wool helps to regulate body temperature while asleep.
  • Generous size of 1m x 1m.
  • Super soft and non-itchy - not like an old wool blanket from your childhood.
  • Machine washable and super quick to dry.
  • Available in¬†Vanilla and¬†Navy.

We love our merino swaddle wrap - it was one of the first pieces of merino I was gifted when Fergus was born.  It was great when he was little for swaddling in his bassinet, then when he was slightly bigger out and about in the pram it provided warmth without the bulk.  Now at six months old he loves cuddling it.  It makes the perfect new baby gift.