Summer Sleep Sack
Summer Sleep Sack
Summer Sleep Sack
Summer Sleep Sack
Summer Sleep Sack

Summer Sleep Sack

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Our summer Woolbabe sleeping bag is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the warmer months. It can be used from about 24 to 32 degree room temperature, just by varying the clothing inside the bag.

It is made from one layer of beautifully soft Merino/cotton blend.  It is suitable for babies with eczema or sensitive skin, as it is so soft and does not feel at all woolly or scratchy. 

The combination of wool and cotton offers the best of both worlds, providing a light cover for your child in warmer conditions.  The wool component provides the qualities which react to changes in body temperatures, keeping baby at a constant body temperature, which encourages everyone to have a good nights sleep.

The 30% merino content also means the summer Woolbabe is excellent for moisture absorption.  The bag will remain comfortable even if baby is a little sweaty or has a leaky nappy.  Compare this to the cold, clammy feeling of 100% cotton!

The Front Zip means you open out the bag down the front, with no domes to undo.  We love the ease of a front-zip bag!  They are also far better for toddlers, as they are less escape proof (older babies and toddlers can learn to'pop' open bags with shoulder domes). 

  • Made from 30% Australian Merino and 70% organic cotton
  • Weight feels similar to a light t-shirt
  • Has a travel slot on the rear of the bag and a two way zip - allowing it to be used in prams with a five point harness
  • Two way zip front zip for easy nappy changes
  • Suitable for a large age range (3-24 months) measuring 95cm from shoulders to the bottom
  • Domes under the arms for a snug fit can be used for smaller babies (3-6 months)
  • Check out our tide star pyjamas in both summer and winter styles!

Woolbabe sleeping bags can be gentle machine washed with a liquid woolwash.  You can also low tumble dry your bag but please be aware some shrinkage may occur with tumble drying.