Best Summer Baby Sleeping Bags in AU and NZ

Best Summer Baby Sleeping Bags in AU and NZ

With summer just around the corner, keeping your baby comfortable and well-rested on those long hot summer nights is important for a baby's well-being (and parents, too!).

One of the best ways to keep your babies' temperature constant and ensure they have the freedom to move around while in bed is with a baby sleeping bag.

Merino & Me offers an adorable selection of Merino and cotton blended baby sleeping bags to keep your baby comfortable in any climate. Our range of different colour options means there’s a style just right for them!

So, if you’re shopping around for a Christmas present or just looking to give your baby the best night’s sleep possible, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re new to baby sleeping bags or want to know more about the right one for your baby this summer, let’s dive in! In this article, we’ll discuss the Merino & Me summer baby sleeping bag range and why they are the best for keeping your baby happy during the heat - no matter where you live.

What are baby sleeping bags?

Best Summer Baby Sleeping Bags in AU and NZ | Merino and Me

A baby sleeping bag, as the name suggests, is like a sleeping bag but for babies! But what makes them different is that a baby sleeping bag is used solely indoors rather than for outdoor use - like with camping sleeping bags, for instance.

Baby sleeping bags usually have arm holes or sleeves, depending on the design and manufacturer and are used in place of sheets and bedding. The reason is to provide sufficient warmth and comfort to babies and allow babies to move around freely without the restriction of conventional bedding options. Baby sleeping bags are generally available in both summer and winter options.

Merino & Me Summer Baby Sleeping Bags

No matter where you live, our Woolbabe range of sleeping bags has baby covered. We use a blend of Merino wool and cotton, perfect for warmer weather conditions. If you live in a warmer or humid climate, change the clothing inside the bag to suit.

Woolbabe baby sleeping bags feature:

  • A 30% Australian Merino and 70% organic cotton blend
  • Lightweight feel and design
  • A travel slot on the rear of the bag and a two-way zip - allowing them to be used in prams with a five-point harness
  • Large 95cm design - suitable for babies through to toddlers
  • Underarm dome design to vary in size depending on the size of the baby

Comfort and carefully designed

Not only are our baby sleeping bags comfortable and soft, but they are also perfect for babies with sensitive skin and other conditions like eczema. The thin layer of cotton and wool is as soft as a t-shirt and won’t leave baby feeling uncomfortable or scratchy.

The combination of Merino wool and cotton offers the best of both worlds, providing a light cover for your child in warmer conditions. In addition, Merino wool responds well to changes in body temperature, keeping baby at a constant temp, encouraging everyone to have a good night's sleep. There are also no sheets or blankets to kick off while in a baby sleeping bag, so your baby won't wake up cold.

Our Woolbabe sleeping bags are easy to take on and off. Our front-zip design means that they are less escape-proof and prone to babies and toddlers learning how to pop out. We love the ease of a front-zip bag!  They are also far better for toddlers, as they are less escape-proof compared to other shoulder dome zip designs.

Best Summer Baby Sleeping Bags in AU and NZ | Merino and Me

Benefits of a Woolbabe Baby Summer Sleeping Bag

The Merino & Me range of Woolbabe summer baby sleeping bags is designed to have many benefits to make sure your baby is comfortable, including:

  • Regulating temperature so that extra bedding isn’t required and the chance of baby waking up from being too cold can be minimised*.
  • A baby sleeping bag creates a safer sleeping environment for baby to sleep, reducing the suffocation hazards of extra bedding.
  • The bedtime routine can begin in the sleeping bag, before placing them in their cot, making settling easier.
  • A baby sleeping bag develops a positive sleep association, meaning that when baby is in their sleeping bag, it develops a mental cue that it’s time to sleep.
  • A sleeping bag is a sleep environment that is safe and familiar, so when taking your baby's sleeping bag on holiday or when visiting family and friends, your baby sleeps and has their usual sleep cue.

*Babies may still wake if there are issues with sleep associations or self-settling.

How to take care of a Woolbabe Baby Sleeping Bag

Woolbabe sleeping bags can be gently machine washed with a liquid wool wash.  You can also low-tumble dry your bag but to avoid potential shrinkage, drying in the sun is the best way to make sure this doesn’t happen. 

Get your baby ready for summer

So when it comes to your baby's comfort this summer, a Merino & Me Woolbabe Summer Baby Sleeping bag is the perfect choice for the warmer months. Their unique wool and cotton blend is perfect for any climate and ensures that baby is as comfortable as possible.

Not only are our sleeping bags carefully designed to create a positive sleeping environment and develop good sleeping habits for babies, but they are also super cute too!

As we inch closer to Christmas, a baby sleeping bag is a perfect gift for your baby or someone you know with a young baby. Merino & Me is a wee family business run by sisters. We take great care in what we do and pride ourselves on stocking the best quality and unique merino and wool items for babies.

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