The Merino & Me Story

About Merino ... 

Merino wool is nature’s super-fibre. It keeps you cool in hot weather, and warm when it turns cold. It won’t smell, is easy to wash and super quick to dry.  Most importantly, it’s completely natural and 100% sustainable.

It is for these reasons (and many more) that it is one of the best things you can dress yourself in.

& about Me (or us!) ...  

Merino & Me was originally started by our sister who had her first child and struggled to find baby wear that could keep little Ferg warm during the cold winter months in Melbourne. Unable to manage the business while working full time and looking after a little one, two younger sisters came to the rescue and took over.

One sister (Harri) lives in country New South Wales on a merino wool farm and has seen first hand the magical qualities of merino wool.

The other sister (Claudie) lives in New Zealand - where we source the majority of our product.

Merino clothing for adults is easy to find, but it is hard to find a one-stop-shop where you can get great basics and fun fashion bits for little ones.

Merino & Me is a curated collection of cool little pieces made from Australian and New Zealand wool for babies and we hope you’ll find the perfect item. If you’re hunting for a baby shower gift, we’ll gift wrap it and include a handwritten note for that extra special personal touch.