The Merino & Me Story


Merino & Me is a teeny tiny business run by two sisters. 

It all started when our older sister, who after the birth of her first child, struggled to find baby wear that could keep little Ferg warm during the winter months in Melbourne. She got in contact with a few well known brands in New Zealand (where we all grew up) to see if they would wholesale to her and from that Merino & Me was born. 

With going back to work full time and the arrival of her second little one, myself and my younger sister (Claudie) took over the business and have been running it ever since. 

I live on a merino sheep farm, just outside a small rural town in New South Wales and Claudie still lives in New Zealand, where the majority of our suppliers are based. 

Since starting in August 2019, we have been able to grow from offering a limited range of merino products suited for babies under 24 months to housing a diverse range of not just merino products but high quality wool products suited to kids up to the age of six as well as home decor and adult accessories. 

Our products are still shipped out of Melbourne meaning that we can pack and ship your products as quickly as possible as well as offering local delivery to certain Melbourne postcodes. 

We have loved our journey so far and are so unbelievably grateful to anyone who chooses to support us. 

Anything we can help with, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Harri xo