Red Cedarwood Moth Balls Red Cedarwood Moth Balls
Babu Red Cedarwood Moth Balls
$19.95 AUD
Babu If you are wanting to protect your precious merino wool (and other natural fibre clothing) from pesky wardrobe moths then these are an absolute must! These pleasantly scented little wooden balls are the perfect natural moth protection. They can be used in your wardrobe, or any areas of the home you want to protect. They will help to ensure that your premium merino items stand the test of time by keeping clothing moths at bay. Our moth balls are made from natural red cedarwood.  Red cedarwood works as the ideal natural pest repellent by releasing oils from the wood, which deter the hungry moths. When storing wool products over the summer months (or packing baby clothes away) it is a good idea to make sure they are protected from clothing moths - so it is important to use some form of moth repellant.  This will ensure when you bring your woollens out of storage they are intact. Pantry and wardrobe moths are super annoying and take time and energy to eradicate. Our red cedarwood moth balls are a natural alternative to pesticides.  While naphthalene based moth balls can still be purchased in Australia, these were banned in NZ in 2014. The use of red cedar in wardrobes is an old housewives cleaning trick, which has been used for generations. However it is now available in convenient wooden balls. How To Use: Spread the balls out in the closet, drawer, or storage box - however be sure not to put them directly on your clothes as the natural oils could stain. Alternatively the balls can be kept in the handy drawstring bag or separated into mesh bags (such as a laundry bag) – Simply place the bag where you wish to deter moths. When the fragrance begins to dull, (approx. six months) lightly sand the balls to rejuvenate their repellent effectiveness. Red Cedarwood is a 100% natural non-toxic product, however due to the relatively small size of the individual balls (3.5cm diameter) please ensure they are kept safely out of reach of your little ones. We Love These, Why You'll Love Them Too: Made from natural, non-toxic red cedarwood Comes in a handy 12 pack of wooden balls (3.5cm diameter) Provides natural moth protection - without the use of harmful chemicals Comes in a handy storage bag
Organic Wool Dryer Balls Organic Wool Dryer Balls
Babu Organic Wool Dryer Balls
$24.95 AUD
Babu These natural woollen dryer balls will be a game-changer to your laundry routine. As they bounce around in the dryer they increase the flow of air and soak up excess moisture, cutting your drying time by up to 25%! As well as being a time saver, in a world where electricity is so expensive these are an absolute must. Woollen dryer balls also naturally soften clothing, reducing the need for nasty chemical fabric softeners, their presence in the dryer reduces static and can help remove pet hair and other lint from laundry ... see, these really are amazing! Being wool, these dryer balls have the added bonus of being quiet in the dryer drum. No harsh banging, risk of damage to the dryer or transfer of toxic residues from plastic-based alternatives.  Also, these soft woollen balls will not cause pilling to your precious clothing pieces. Made from 100% felted New Zealand wool, our dryer balls are tightly woven and will last hundreds of uses.  What are you waiting for? Why not give these a go, you won't regret it. How To Use: Simply pop in the dryer with your wet laundry load, and enjoy reduced drying time and lower energy bills Care: Woollen dryer balls can last up to 1,000 washes (or 2-5 years depending on use).  Place on the windowsill to air-dry between loads if needed or just store in the dryer for your next load. Recharge your dryer balls approximately every 100 washes by hand-washing in warm (not hot) water and placing in the dryer.  It is time to replace them when they start to look straggly and / or wool residue can be found on clothes. Worn out balls can be composted or placed directly into the garden as wool acts as great moisture retention for plants and will breakdown naturally.  We Love This, Why You'll Love It Too: Made from 100% Organic NZ Wool Designed and sourced in New Zealand Comes in a handy 6 pack of extra large balls (11.5cm diameter) Great at reducing drying time & static Last for hundreds of uses

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