There are a million reasons why merino is the most magical choice for your little one, but here are some of our favourites:

Great for All Seasons 

Hot or cold outside - it doesn’t matter! Merino sheep live in temperatures ranging from -10 degrees to over 35 degrees. The merino fibre will react to changes in the temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Temperature Regulating

Babies cannot communicate to you whether they are hot or cold and especially for premature or sick babies, they can struggle to regulate their body temperature. Wearing merino helps control their body temperature. 


Merino is very gentle on young skin and will not irritate. In fact, research from the Murdoch Children’s Research institute found that babies and children wearing merino wool had a significant decrease in eczema symptoms, compared to when wearing cotton. 

Totally Sustainable  

Merino wool is made from just water, sunshine, fresh air and grass. The sheep grow a new fleece each year making it a truly sustainable product. All our suppliers have a focus on sustainability and have made this a core focus of their business. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Merino wool decomposes far quicker than synthetic fabrics. Releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil - like fertiliser.

Moisture Wicking, Anti-Bacterial & Odour Resistant

Merino wool can absorb three times its weight in moisture - keeping your little ones skin dry, no matter what he or she throws at it. Its moisture wicking properties absorb sweat or dampness from the skin and evaporates it. It is also naturally odour and bacteria resistant. 

Flame resistant & UV Resistant up to SPF50 

Merino is naturally a low fire danger fabric and doesn’t easily burn, making it a safe choice for kids. The natural UV barrier of the fabric will also keep your little one safe from the sun’s damaging UV rays – unlike synthetics and cotton.

Machine Washable & Quick Drying 

Because who wants to hand wash kids clothes?! Most are even suitable for the dryer. No time to wash? Often airing overnight is enough to freshen them up.

Super Soft & Itch-Free

Unlike Grandma’s prickly knitted jumpers from when you were young, merino is made from extremely fine fibres that moves with your skin for ultimate comfort.

Amazingly Light Weight 

Proving warmth without the bulkiness of thick jumpers and coats. Perfect for playtime.

Naturally Elastic 

Great for active toddlers, Merino garments will bend and stretch with you and then return to their original shape, without any stretching or sagging.

Stain resistant

Merino repels dirt, as being non-static means that it doesn’t attract dust or lint. Perfect for messy kids!

Long Lasting and Durable 

Merino is a high quality fabric meaning it lasts and lasts.  Perfect for hand-me-downs.


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