Mini Duvet Side Zip Sleep Sack
Mini Duvet Side Zip Sleep Sack

Mini Duvet Side Zip Sleep Sack

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The Woolbabe Mini Side Zip Duvet sleeping bag is one of the warmest and snuggliest winter sleeping bags available! They have a quilted wool filling for additional warmth and temperature regulation, compared to most winter bags that are filled with a synthetic polyester or cotton wadding. 

Ideally to be used anywhere from between 14 to 22 degrees by varying the clothing inside the bag. This Woolbabe is perfect from autumn through to spring, as well as those cooler nights in summer. 

The Side Zip model is excellent for easy nappy changing, as you can open it from the bottom. It opens fully, so is simple for airing over the side of the cot and hanging out for quicker drying. The under-arm snaps means it is a more cosy fit when your baby it near the bottom end of the size range.  

This Woolbabe Mini can also be used in your buggy with a 5-point harness, with a buggy slot in the front and back of the bag. It has a double-ended zip which closes under the arm, making it very easy to open and close just as much as you need.

The outside layer is made of a blend consisting of 30% merino wool and 70% soft organic cotton blend fabric. The filling of the bag is 100% Australian wool which gives incredible warmth while assisting in body temperature regulation. It has the feel of a duvet or thick blanket, and many babies seem to sleep much better with a heavier feeling of wool. The weight of the filling also means kiddies wriggle less, allowing for a deeper sleep. The Woolbabe Duvet is lined with a soft 100% organic cotton lining which will gentle on your baby's skin. 

The combination of wool and organic cotton really offers the best of both worlds, providing a light cover for your child in warmer conditions. The wool component provides the qualities which react to changes in body temperatures, keeping baby at a constant body temperature, which encourages everyone to have a good nights sleep. 

  • Outer layer made from 30% Australian Merino and 70% organic cotton, filled with 100% Australian wool and lined with organic cotton
  • 0-9 months - Minimum weight 4kg
  • Length of bag (measured shoulder to bottom) - 75cm.
  • Domes under the arms for a snug fit with babies.
  • The 0-9months Woolbabe is sized for newborn and younger babies however do not use if baby's head can slip through the neck hole once zipped up or weighs less that 4kg.

Woolbabe sleeping bags can be gentle machine washed with a liquid wool wash. They are also able to put on a low tumble dry but please be aware that some shrinkage may occur with tumble drying. We recommend that our customers have two sleep sacks in rotation so there is always a clean one at the ready.