The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for 2021

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for 2021

The turbulent nature and unpredictability of the past year has well and truly tested the strength and resilience of just about all Australians, including all the small businesses out there who have had to adapt and adjust to snap lockdowns, shipping delays and missed opportunities. 

We wanted to do something special this year to shout out and acknowledge some great local brands who deserve all your love and support.

We have compiled a list of awesome Christmas gift ideas that will take some of the guess work out of your Christmas shopping. 

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Choosing to spend your hard earned dollars on a small business means more to us than we can put into words.

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The Natural Gift Collective x Merino & Me

One thing is for certain this summer, every man and their dog will be spending a large portion of their summer picnic-ing outdoors.

So for the ultimate ‘sit in the park and eat cheese’ gift, look no further than our recycled wool picnic blankets from The Tartan Blanket Co. and the beautifully unique boards by The Natural Gift Collective. 
Bec, the creative hands behind The Natural Gift Collective, has created a beautiful range of boards all masterfully decorated with pyrography (wood burning). Bec uses environmentally conscious processes and materials. Every board is unique and able to be customised. 
Our picnic blankets are made from recycled wool. The fibres of old woollen beanies, scarves and jumpers are broken down and re-spun to create an incredibly sustainable picnic blanket. The blankets all come with a protective waterproof backing and a leather and brass buckle carry strap. We have a range of designs, from traditional tartan to soft rainbow stripes and checks. 
🤍 This is the perfect gift for teenagers and up!
🤍 Check out our picnic blankets here. 
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Just Ray x Merino & Me

Looking for a great pair of kids shoes? Just Ray has everything you need from newborn right up to age seven. Melbourne based mum, Alana, has created a range of high quality, well priced, cute to boot, baby, toddler and kid shoes that will last whatever the little monster throws their way. They come in so many fun colours and designs, they make the perfect gift for any trendy little kid. 

And like peanut butter and banana, a great pair of shoes is nothing without a great pair of Lamington socks! 

Lamington socks are bold, loud and so much fun. They are made from 70% merino wool and come in sizes from newborn to age 6 (as well as women and men sizes). They are well known for their quality, softness and ability to stay on.    

🤍 This is the perfect gift for newborn - 6 years old!
🤍 Check out our Lamington sock here.
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Luxey Cup x Merino & Me

This pairing is the environment’s best friend. Our Tartan Blanket Co recycled wool blankets are made using 70% recycled wool fibres. These fibres are saved from items such as beanies, scarves and socks that otherwise would have been tossed out. The blankets are still soft to touch but are a bit more hardy, making it a perfect blanket to toss in the back of the car and have on hand for any outdoor adventure. Think stargazing, boat trips, BBQ dinners.

Wanting to level up your gift? The reusable cups from Luxey Cup are a fun way to take your favourite drinks on the run. They also have food containers to store your fave cookies or snacks in so you are never caught short. 

By using your Luxey Cup for your takeaway coffee instead of opting for the disposal kind, you are helping to reduce the 1 billion coffee cups that are thrown away each and every year in Australia alone. 

🤍 This is the perfect gift for teenagers and up!
🤍 Check out our recycled wool blankets here.
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Buying for a little one who lives somewhere warm and sunny? Well this combo is for you!
There would be very few adults that walk out of the house on a summer day without a pair of sunglasses at the ready. Yet, providing babies and toddlers with the same protection is often an afterthought. Chances are, if you are needing to put on sunnies to protect your eyes from the glare, your little one is needing them too! 
Buki Baby, created by Queensland mum Ash, is the home of quality, polarised sunnies for babies (aged 0-2 years). They not only look damn cute but come with a protective case and an adjustable head strap, meaning the sunnies will actually stay on.
And with those UV rays coming in hot, the best fabric you can dress in is merino. Wearing merino wool in summer may seem counterintuitive at first but when you consider all the amazing properties that merino wool has, it really is a no-brainer! Merino wool is temperature regulating - meaning it will cool you down when you are hot and warm you up when you are cold. It is also naturally UV protective, odour resistant and moisture wicking. It will keep the wearer smelling fresh and dry. Our merino sleeveless bodysuits from Little Flock of Horrors are light and breathable and perfect for summertime.

🤍 This is the perfect gift for 0-2 years 
🤍 Check out our merino sleeveless bodysuits here.
🤍 Browse the Buki Baby range here.
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You are never too young to be pampered. The creator of Kind Coconuts is pharmacist and mum, Erin. All her products are naturally derived ingredients and it is packaged up in super cute, recyclable packaging. Kind Coconuts has everything from body wash, oils and moisturizer. It is a little bit of tropical resort luxury at home. 
Once lathered in the beautiful aroma of coconut, there is nothing better than slipping into a set of Woolbabe’s summer merino pyjamas. Our pyjamas are available in a range of colours and styles with sizes from 3 months up to 6 years. Trust us, the insanely popular winter pyjamas are just as good in summer. The blend of organic cotton and merino wool creates an ultra lightweight, breathable fabric that will work to maintain temperature regulation, reduce night sweats and help to ensure a more restful sleep. 

🤍 This is the perfect gift for 0-6 years 
🤍 Check out our summer merino pyjamas here.
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