Three Reasons Why Merino Wool Should Be a Part Of Your Baby’s Wardrobe This Summer

Merino wool is not just for winter. There are just as many benefits to wearing Merino in the summer time as there is in the winter. Below we have summarised three of our favourite reasons why every new born, toddler..and well, just about everyone else, should incorporate Merino into their summer wardrobe.

  1. Wool is a thermo-regulator, meaning that it works with the body’s natural temperature regulating ability to maintain a comfortable temperature. This is best achieved by having the wool as your “base layer” next to the skin as the natural crimped fibre structure keeps the air close to the skin which is in turn warmed by your natural body heat. Because that air is not trapped it can circulate with fresh air and allow your skin to breathe. This means when the temperature rises, someone dressed in synthetic or cotton fibres has a higher chance of breaking sweat than someone dressed in Merino. 
  1. Wool is naturally odour resistant. If your body reaches a temperature where sweating is inevitable, Merino will wick away the moisture from the skin, helping to maintain that "fresh clothes feel". The Woolmark Company (source: has done a lot of research in this area and has found that wool fibres can absorb twice as much water vapour as cotton and thirty times as much as polyester. In addition, the chemical structure of wool and its natural anti-microbial properties work to trap away any odours that may develop. These are then released from the fabric during washing.

  2. Wool has in-built UV protection. Cancer Council Australia (source: advises against applying sunscreen to babies younger than six months old due to the sensitivity of their skin during this time. However, any unprotected sun exposure with a UV level higher than 3 on the scale, has the potential to cause damage to their skin & increase their risk of skin cancer in later life. Fortunately, Merino wool is naturally UV resistance with an SPF 30+, giving parents a greater peace of mind during the sunny months ahead.

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