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Welcome to our new blog!

We are so passionate about Merino wool and its super powers and we can't wait to share it with you. This is where we will share with you all its amazing qualities and all the ways you can incorporate it into your daily life. 

So why is Merino wool superior to other fabrics?!

Merino wool is an incredible super fibre, that not only out performs man-made fibres in nearly every instance but is also a much more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative.
Technically all wool has the same super powers that Merino wool has. It is just that, Merino wool has a much finer fibre diameter than “traditional” wool (like the itchy sweaters your mum used to make you wear) making it suitable to wear against the skin without giving you that itchy sensation.
When you talk about Merino wool’s performance, people often jump straight to its ability to keep you warm, but it is so much more than that! To see our full list of reasons click here.

All of these factors will be discussed in further blog posts, so make sure you keep checking back in to see the latest post.

Talk soon, 
Merino & Me team xo 

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