Why Three Sleep Sacks (or Suits) Is The Perfect Amount!

Why Three Sleep Sacks (or Suits) Is The Perfect Amount!

Three may sound excessive, but hear us out. 

This sleep sack or suit will stay with your baby for a massive 21 months, throughout the many, many growth spurts they experience during this period. The quality of both the MookieMerino and Woolbabe sleep sacks and suits will last being constantly worn, washed and worn again. We have so many customers that report back that a single sleep sack has lasted all three of their children. 

Having three on hand means you can have one in use, one in the wash and one as a spare. As a parent you have enough to do during the day already, without needing the pressure of washing and drying a sleep sack before their midday sleep all because your boisterous toddler split their porridge down the front. 

Further, though our MookieMerino or Woolbabe sleep sacks or suits can be worn in a wide range of temperatures by simply changing up the clothes underneath, very few parents will be comfortable with zipping their baby up in the pillowy duvet sleep sack during the height of summer. Growing up in Melbourne, Ferg (18 months old) has benefited from a thicker duvet sleep sack during those chilly winter nights and switched between a mid weight and summer weight during those hotter days in the summer. 

The lighter ones (mid weight and summer) are also perfect to pack into their daycare bag, no matter the season, as they take up less room and generally speaking day care facilities keep their sleeping areas at a consistently warm temperature where a duvet weight sleep sack is not required. 

Our sleep suits and sacks by Woolbabe and MookieMerino are one of our most popular, most loved items with so many of our customers buying one and then coming back weeks later to purchase additional. We also now stock our sleep suits up to age four, meaning MookieMerino and Woolbabe can be your child’s nighttime companion for longer. 

For the month of February 2021, we are giving 15% off any purchase of three or more sleep sacks or suits. So if you have been tossing it up, now is the time to get you and your little one, or little ones sorted.  

Your baby will fall in love with one sleep sack. You will fall in love with having three. 

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