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Sweet Cheeks Merino

This snug beanie with little ear flaps is a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe. Made from 100% Merino and a double layer around the forehead and ear flaps, these will keep your little ones' head warm and cosy by trapping the heat lost, forming a warm insulation layer while also regulating their body temperature.

Nobody wants a hot itchy head! Babies and young children struggle to maintain their body temperature, but the breathability of the Merino fabric absorbs any extra moisture, providing warmth without overheating  - a perfect option for colder days and nights.

 Made from 100% NZ super soft Merino wool

  • Lightweight, non-irritating and incredibly soft against new, young sensitive skin
  • Merino naturally resists bacteria, stains and odour
  • Machine washable
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Also available in¬†Grey or¬†Vanilla

Notes on fit:
Please note for the 5-24 month size, this beanie will be slightly looser on a smaller bubs. It will allow room for them to grow!

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